Erik Brass


App Design + Collaboration

Challenge: Create a working prototype mobile application that would feasibly reach the Corvallis area as the target market. The app needed to address a specific need, set and reach a specific target audience, and accomplish a specific goal. 

Solution: We addressed the problem of the local farmer’s market. We saw a need that presented itself in the form of a poorly designed website, and lack of connectivity between farmer’s market visitors and vendors. People (including our group members) that visited the farmer’s market were looking for a way to gather all pertinent information into one location. And so, the ROOTS application was born. Our goal was to provide necessary and helpful information to the user while providing the vendors an avenue to expand their brand identity and brand presence. 

Initial research and wireframing collaboratively designed with Alyx Peterson, Ragen Venti, and Sean Flynn.
Finished design, colors, branding, and layout designed solo.

iPhone 8 Mockup copy.png
02_Free psd mockup.png


The design process for this app began with initial research into the Corvallis Farmer’s Market. Research through observation of a user on the current website revealed problem points. An analysis of a competitors app gave the team an idea of the caliber and style of the competition. Three personas were created to developed to inform our layout and design decisions. A flowchart layout of the screens and connections flow from app opening to end destination led us in the direction of the screen flow design.

Case Studies

Case Studies