Erik Brass


Branding + Web Design

Challenge: Create a brand identity, facebook page, and a website for a social entrepreneurship. Ecolife Foods works to better people’s lives by sharing knowledge and providing agricultural innovation strategies.

Solution: Working with an international client in Uganda proved equally challenging and rewarding in this project. The end result is a professional mark that is used across multiple mediums and a website that gives the brand a user-centered place to show clients and partners what Ecolife does and how they are making a difference in the world.

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This nine month project began with three months of in-depth research into understanding social entrepreneurships and how design can help benefit them. After interviewing several social entrepreneurs around the world, I conducted an analysis of current successful social entrepreneurships. I studied how they were designed from the logo, to colors used, layout of their website, and social media presence.

For the second stage of the design project, I worked with a team from the Ecolife Foods company in Uganda. As with all projects this began with a set of sketches around different words and concepts that had meaning relating to the company’s mission.

After settling on a concept, the sketches went to the computer to be finalized and digitized. Meaningful and effective typefaces and colors were chosen next, and a brand guide was formed. The next process was to sketch wireframes for the website and figure out what was most important to include and where. Sifting through information from their old site, I culled the appropriate information and assembled pages that would walk a user through the website in a functional and attractive manner. The website tells Ecolife’s story, shows who they are and what they can do, and ultimately leads the user to the contact page for business, all while keeping a cohesive brand image and professional quality.